New LiquidCrystal / .hgtags

The default branch has multiple heads

F Malpartida f229469 

F Malpartida 6255e55 
F Malpartida 82130b8 

F Malpartida 5dab305 
350358815c25656fde83ab5c636511e16f2d1b93 V 1.1.2
350358815c25656fde83ab5c636511e16f2d1b93 V 1.1.2
3afcaba7f807357817b0deedec59a6dc0452d291 V 1.1.3
3afcaba7f807357817b0deedec59a6dc0452d291 V 1.1.3
c57fe4cf1b3544f590ffb1cce38a1af03148cd89 V 1.1.3
b0a1d4a24de12d4a323b3a8f7564ae282f1f9209 V 1.1.4
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