1. F Malpartida
  2. New LiquidCrystal


New LiquidCrystal / LiquidCrystal_SR_LCD3.h

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Author Commit Message Date Builds
F Malpartida
Added larger initialization delay on base LCD class. Added some comments for the LiquidCrystal_SR_LCD3.
F Malpartida
Added doble quites back to the project.
F Malpartida
Begin method has been implemented in the top parent LCD class. The different ports now only have to provide methods to initialize the device driving the LCD, provide methods for the specifics to write to the LCD device. The begin method can be overloaded if necessary to initialize any HW that is implemented by a library and can't be done during construction.
F Malpartida
Added documentation and corrected includes for the Arduino iDE.
FastIO for SR_LCD3 added SR_LCD3 to performanceLCD.ino Cleaned up messed up comments from merge (Rev 49) fio_shiftOut now supporting bit order (required by SR_LCD3)
F Malpartida
Changed private method in SR library from init4bits to write4bits which makes it clearer what it does. Added the SR_LCD3 library to the repository, following the Pebble and Pebble v2 wiring of the LCD to the SR.