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F Malpartida
Updated documentation for release 1.2.1
V 1.2.1
F Malpartida
Version 1.2.1_RC5 Main changes - changes by bperrybap: - Use LCD_5x8DOTS as default. - activate backlight in the begin routine. - minor corrections to the various libraries. - Fixed incorrect use of 5x10 for default font (now matches original LQ library) - Fixed typo in SR2W mask define names changed default backlight state to on - Added support for faster SR_2W mode
F Malpartida
Added documentation for library.
F Malpartida
Closes #20 - remove wait 1us during interrupt masking in loadSR. Not needed. Closes #19 - Added support for on/off commands Closes #18 - Set backlight initial state during initialization to off. Closes #17 - New SR3W class. Added documentation for new class Move some methods for the public interface of the LCD class to private, since they should never be called by the user.
F Malpartida
Release preparation for version 1.2.1