Add LCD backlight control

Issue #4 resolved
Francisco Malpartida repo owner created an issue

Add LCD backlight control to drive the LCD's backlight.

This will enable the capability to attach a backlight to the LCD during the setup process of the LCD.

  • create backlight
  • attach backlight
  • backligh on/off
  • define polarity (active high or active low)

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Hi, for first, I want to thanks for this great LCD library. Thank you for this!

    I have an idea. I'm using the LiquidCrystal_SR. Would be possible to change the code to be able to turn on/off backlight of display with free pins QA or QB of 74HS164? (through MOSFET or so) I'm affraid, I'm not skilled so much to do this kind to modifications ;-)

    Thank you in advance!

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