LCD SR3W not working Arduino uno

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Ive tryed to upgrade an old project with the new licuidcrystal lib

i'm using the schematic shonw here

the only output i'm able to get is some garbaje scrolling

Ive changed the library to my pin setup


#define EN 3  // Enable bit
#define RW 2  // Read/Write bit
#define RS 1  // Register select bit

#define D4 4
#define D5 5
#define D6 6
#define D7 7

here is a link to the chip used

in 4 bit mode i can get it working


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  1. TurBoss

    ok figured that i need to setup my pin config in the constructor in the arcuino code not in the lib hehehe

    but can't get any output will investigate harder

    #define   STROBE 12
    #define   DATA 11
    #define   CLOCK 10
    LiquidCrystal_SR3W lcd(DATA, CLOCK, STROBE, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7);
    LCD *screen = &lcd;
  2. Francisco Malpartida repo owner

    As you've mentioned you should be calling the constructor to use the library, not hack the code within it. To do so you will have to use:

       LiquidCrystal_SR3W(uint8_t data, uint8_t clk, uint8_t strobe, 
                          uint8_t En, uint8_t Rw, uint8_t Rs, 
                          uint8_t d4, uint8_t d5, uint8_t d6, uint8_t d7 );

    where data, clk and strobe should be mapped onto the pins of your controller which will control the data, clock and strobe pins of the shift register. The rest of the pins, you will have to configure them to map your shift register pins to the LCD. So if IO1 in the shift register is connected to En in the LCD, the En value should be 1 in the call above. If IO2 of the shift register is connected to R/W of your LCD, you should put a value of 2 in the call above.

  3. Francisco Malpartida repo owner

    Finally, I am not sure that the type of LCD you are using is supported by this library. Does it have a HD44780 on it?

  4. TurBoss

    my lcd is a chinnese copy of the hd44780 (they said compatible XD) because the original was broken (very cracked xD)

    well thank you so much

    will investigate

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