NewLiquidCrystal Library s/w License & copyright issues

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Bill Perry
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We talked about this offline a while back, but the library still needs to have it's s/w license changed/corrected to be compliant with all the sources being used since the current license of CC BY-SA 3.0 is not possible given the sources being used.

"as is" the library has a few copyright violations and is in violation of some of the other source code licenses.

I think given the choices, you had decided to make it GPL V3.0
I'm perfectly ok with that but it does require getting signoff from the other contributors.

--- bill

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  1. Francisco Malpartida repo owner

    I Will be doing a round of contacting over the christas. I have been a bit busy moving to California recently and haven’t had much time to take care of things.
    If I don’t get a response back I will most likely go for it or simply remove the library altogether (which may be the easiest way forward).

  2. Francisco Malpartida repo owner

    Hi Bill,
    seems as if my reply to this thread was lost.

    We are still trying to put our lives together after the California wildfires. We were hit big time in this area (Santa Rosa) and such things take time to recover. It would help me immensely if you could also contact some of the contributing folks to see if they buy in too.

    Alternatively I can make this library private till we change its license.

    I am going to create a branch with all the changes in the header files and readme to reflect the changes and get the wiki ready too.


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