Move UART and power header.

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Daniel Garrido
created an issue

Whilst trying to create a shield(an under-shield in my case) I found out that the UART header and the small 2 pin supply header are not alined with the standard 0.1” grid used in strip boards. it is a matter of just moving both headers 0.05" away from the usb connector. see picture ...

luart header/ supply header

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  1. Francisco Malpartida repo owner

    Those headers were not supposed to be used on a standard 2.54mm grid. The main intention of those headers were to: 1. enable a right angle connector on the UART to connect an FTDI UART to USB breakout. 2. to replace the power connector by a 2 pin right angle connector.

    Consider movement for next release of the board - Rev D.

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