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Issue #2 resolved

ISP not aligned to arduino Pro from Sparkfun

Francisco Malpartida
repo owner created an issue

The ISP header is not aligned with respect to the Arduino Pro from Sparkfun.

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  1. Francisco Malpartida reporter

    closes #1 - LED TX/RX activity indicator. closes #2 - ISP not aligned to arduino pro from sparkfun. closes #3 - Replaced LD1117 with 7805DT TO252 for thermal dissipation improvements. closes #4 - Added creative commons logo and open hardware logo. closes #5 - connected USB chassis to the board ground. closes #6 - close diameter of the power jack. Corrected vinciDuino development team in the information. Corrected some tracks and vias. Added new filtering capacitor of 10nF to the board. Corrected minor bug in capacitor connection. Corrected cap pol footprint.


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