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vinciDuino is a free open platform developed by members of the Spanish arduino forum (fmalpartida - fm, Inizul, JMN, yOPERO, nayma, flico, josemanu, shaktale and GabyCR). The board has been developed to be compatible with Arduino boards and has the same form factor of the Arduino Pro. The main difference is that it is a clean room implementation of the Leonardo Arduino platform and as far as we know supports it.

One area that we have made a lot of emphases on the board design is that we have selected sufficiently large SMD components for people that are begining with SMD soldering (it is a very easy board to solder).

We have also taken good care of trying to get the cost down of the board. A fully assembled board without the header connectors has a Bill Of Materials just above 14€. So, wouldn't it be nice to have an Arduino compatible board for that price with the new Leonardo chip (ATmega32U4)!


This is the main vinciDuiono board. vinciDuino

For board information, specification, schematics, please follow the link below:

vinciDuino evo

Based on the vinciDuino, we are currently evolving the base board to add on its functionality, making the vinciDuino the best in its class boards. Here are some of the boards that are in the pipe-line:


As of today, we have 20 vinciDuinos RevC are up and running with the Arduino 1.0 IDE using the Leonardo board without a single modification to the files in it.

The information within this repository is furnished "as is", without technical support, and with no warranty, express or implied, as to its usefulness for any purpose. Should you decide to build your own boards we take not responsibility what so ever towards its functionality nor to any damage the board may cause.


Lets keep this short: Released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 License: CC BY-SA

If you use, reproduce, modify, share or comment this work please give attribution to the vinciDuiono team (fmalpartida - fm, Inizul, JMN, yOPERO, nayma, flico, josemanu and shaktale).



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