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vinciDuino / vinciDuinoEvoProto_assembly

Assembly / Ensamble

Rev A Board layout

Rev C components and placement

Component List

Qty Value                      Device                     Parts                         
1                              M081X08                    JP4                           
7   0.1uF                      CAP1206                    C1, C2, C9, C10, C13, C14, C17(NOTE_1)
3   1K                         R-US_R1206                 R6, R7, R8                    
4   1uF                        CAP1206                    C3, C4, C12, C7(NOTE_1)               
1   2K2                        R-US_R1206                 R11                           
2   10K                        R-US_R1206                 R2, R9                        
1   10nF                       CAP1206                    C11                           
1   10uF                       CAP_POL1206                C8                            
2   18pF                       CAP1206                    C15, C16                      
2   22                         R-US_R1206                 R4, R5                        
1   1206L                      PTC1206_L                  F2                            
1   ATMEGA32U4-AU              ATMEGA32U4-AU              U1                            
1   Analog                     M06SIP                     J2                            
1   CSM-3X-CRYSTALCSM-3X       CSM-3X-CRYSTALCSM-3X       Q1                            
2   Digital                    M10"                       JP1, JP5                      
1   Digital                    M081X08                    J1                                                 
1   Ferrite                    WE-CBF_1206W               L1                       
3   Green                      LED1206                    L, RX, TX                     
1   ISP                        AVR_SPI_PRG_6PTH           JP3                                            
1   MCP1703                    V_REG_MCP1703              IC1(NOTE_1)                           
1   MINI-USB-SCHIELD-32005-201 MINI-USB-SCHIELD-32005-201 USB                           
1   Red                        LED1206                    PWR                           
1   Reset                      TAC_SWITCHSMD              S2                            
1   SOLDERJUMPERNO             SOLDERJUMPERNO             AUTO-RESET(NOTE_3)                    
1   SOLDERJUMPERTRACE          SOLDERJUMPERTRACE          3.3VREG(NOTE_2)                  
1   Serial                     M06SIP                     JP2                                                   
1   vinci evo proto            BOARD_INFO_                REV_A


(NOTE_1) Optional part only needed if assembling the 3.3V regulator on the board.

(NOTE_2) If the optional 3,3V regulator is fitted on the board, make sure that you cut the 3.3VREG jumper on the botton layer of the board.

(NOTE_3) Solder jump the AUTO-RESET jumper on the botton layer if you what to auto-reset the board when using the UART line. Normaly, this will reset the board when you open a serial connection to the board using a USB to UART breakout board.