Folpy - A Distributed Forum and Filesharing Friend-to-Friend Platform

Folpy is a friend-to-friend network, also called a Darknet, a network where you only connect to people you trust. On the network you can exchange files with your friend, message them and partecipate on the global Forum. New features can be added as plugins.



  • SSL encryption
  • A fully distribuited Forum system
  • Node discovery by trust network
  • File sharing with friends
  • File browsing
  • Download resume
  • Multisource download
  • Automatic over-the-network updates
  • Plugin-based architecture
  • etc.

Note: Folpy is still in early development, and its security has never been analyzed. Use at your own risk.

Installation and Requirements

Just unzip the distribution zip file somewhere on your disk and run


On unix, manually run folpy.jar.

Folpy requires Java 1.7


The first time starting the program, you'll have no friends and so there will be nothing to see. Some public nodes has been set up that accept connections, you can add one by clicking the link in the middle of the friend list. Once you have some buddy to try Folpy with, exchange your GIDs (your folpy unique identifier) and add each other as friends. Firewall and ports permitting, you should be able to connect to them. If you have some active connection, you can start using all features, just navigate the tabs and look around.


GPL v3