hacked quick and dirty to work with cx_freeze et. al...

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  1. th3l0nius

This could of course be solved more elegant. If you don't like the code it would be nice if you would find another solution.

With best regards, T.

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  1. Albert-Jan Roskam repo owner

    Hi Thelonius,

    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your suggestion. I had never considered using cx_freeze, but it's nice that it is working now. I might tinker with it a bit more later as easy_install currently cannot find the VERSION file either. And I am also considering to use versioneer at some point: https://github.com/warner/python-versioneer. Do you happen to have experience with versioneer? It seems really nice.

    Thanks again, Albert-Jan

  2. th3l0nius author

    Hello Albert-Jan

    Also sorry for my late reply. Until now my projects lack any sane version numbers, not least because I haven't really understood git tags yet. I currently use cx_freeze in windows only (with NSIS). I'm also 'investigating' in setting up Debian and Redhat package repos but the more non-standard-packages I use the harder it gets...

    I'll have look at versioneer - maybe it's the right thing for me and maybe I can contribute something to savReaderWriter.

    Thank you for accepting my pull request, regards from Dresden, Germany, Europe


    P.S. There is some additional code needed for cx_freeze in the setup script (don't know where better to put it):

    include_files = []
    if sys.platform == "win32":
        sp_path = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(sys.executable), 'Lib/site-packages')
        savRW_path = os.path.join(sp_path, 'savReaderWriter')
        savRW_lib_dir = r'spssio/win32'     # x86 only
        savRW_lib_files = [os.path.join(savRW_lib_dir, libfile) for libfile in os.listdir(os.path.join(savRW_path, savRW_lib_dir))]
        include_files += [(os.path.join(savRW_path, f), os.path.join('savReaderWriter', f)) for f in savRW_lib_files]