To build this project you first need to install homebrew:

Then with homebrew, install the following packages:

$ brew update $ brew install pyqt qscintilla

Install Mercurial. Either:

$ easy_install Mercurial or $ pip install Mercurial or Use the installer from

Install "py2app". Either:

$ easy_install py2app or $ pip install py2app

Last step. Run the bundle script from this repository:

$ ./

This will create the TortoiseHg application in the "dist/" directory. You can copy this application to your Applications folder.

NOTE: TortoiseHg will be pulled along with this repository in the "thg/" directory. Depending on the Mercurial version
you installed, you may need to update the "thg/" directory to another/a newer revision.

See also:

Py2App Stuff

Just some notes for me. You can ignore this section.

$ sudo pip install -U py2app