Orieux toolbox

The Orieux toolbox (otb) provides various utilities function I used in my scientific numerical computation projects. Feel free to use them as you want. Any comments and contributions are welcome. You might find it useful for Fourier transform manipulation. Typical usage looks like this:

#!/usr/bin/env python

from otb import uft


Many function around unitary Fourier transform and convolution.
Small utilities like index manipulation small linear algebra utils.
Plotting function.
Formula, constants or unit conversion.
Not mine, the author is Christoph Gohlke Is use a lot this module so it's here for my convenience.


  • Numpy version >= 1.4.1
  • matplotlib version >= 1.1.0
  • anfft : optional, for fftw use
  • scipy : optional


The pip version:

pip install otb

If you have not pip, download the archive, decompress it and to install in your user path, run in a command line:

python install --user

or for the system path, run as root:

python install


This package follow the Semantic Versionning convention To get the development version you can clone the mercurial repository available here

The ongoing development is erratic and actually follow my needs.


otb is free software distributed under the MIT license, see LICENSE.txt for details.


[1]B. R. Hunt "A matrix theory proof of the discrete convolution theorem", IEEE Trans. on Audio and Electroacoustics, vol. au-19, no. 4, pp. 285-288, dec. 1971