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Updated man page to include colour information

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 .\" Man page for `aura`
 .\" Written by Colin Woodbury <>
-.TH aura 8 "October 2012" "Aura" "Aura Manual"
+.TH aura 8 "November 2012" "Aura" "Aura Manual"
 .\" Disable hyphenation.
 \-\-spanish, \-\-español
 \-\-portuguese, \-\-português
+If you have \fIpacman\-color\fR installed, the pacman output given by aura
+will be in colour. If you have pacman-color installed but don't want colour,
+set your $PACMAN variable to just \fIpacman\fR.
 \fBpacman\fR(8), \fBpacman.conf\fR(5), \fBmakepkg\fR(8)
 Chris "Kwpolska" Warrick <> (Polish)
 Denis Kasak <> (Croatian)
 Fredrik Haikarainen (Swedish)
 Lukas Niederbremer <> (German)
 Alejandro Gómez <> (Spanish)
 Henry "Ingvij" Kupty (Portuguese)
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