Colin Woodbury committed 989d4ef

Fixed bugs involving packages with dots in their names - Fixes #45 #46

- Turns out `System.FilePath.dropExtensions` was being too zealous.
Since the tarballs being decompressed are all end with .tar.gz,
I instead opted to just call `dropExtension` twice.

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 -- System Libraries
 import Distribution.Simple.Utils (withTempDirectory)
 import Control.Concurrent (threadDelay)
-import System.FilePath (dropExtensions)
+import System.FilePath (dropExtension)
 import Distribution.Verbosity (silent)
 import System.IO (stdout, hFlush)
 import Data.List (dropWhileEnd)
 openEditor :: String -> String -> IO ()
 openEditor editor file = shellCmd editor [file] >> return ()
+-- All tarballs should be of the format `.tar.gz`
+-- Thus calling dropExtension twice should remove that section.
 decompress :: FilePath -> IO FilePath
 decompress file = do
   _ <- quietShellCmd' "bsdtar" ["-zxvf",file]
-  return $ dropExtensions file
+  return . dropExtension . dropExtension $ file
 fromRight :: Either a b -> b
 fromRight (Right x) = x
 Aura Changelog
+- Added Russian translation. Thanks to Kyrylo Silin!
 - Moved haskell dependencies out of `makedepends` field and into
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