aura / changelog.txt

Aura Changelog
- Compatable with pacman 4.1
- All pacman-color support removed
- `-As` output slightly altered to match pacman.
- Bug fixes.
- New option `--build` for specifying AUR package build path.
- Vote number now shown in `-As` output.
- Fixed Repo/AUR name collision bug.
- API Change: Argument order for functions in `Aura/Languages` changed.
- `customizepkg` now usable with Aura.
  Activate with the `--custom` option.
- API Change: Aura/Pkgbuilds now a set of libraries as Aura/Pkgbuild/*
- Fixed flaw in `-Br`.
- Fixed repititious `-Ad` output.
- API Change: Aura/AurConnection renamed to Aura/AUR
- API Change: function names in Aura/Languages now have better names.
- Haskell deps have been moved back to `makedepends`.
- haskell-http removed as dependency.
- API Change: function naming conventions in `Aura/Languages.hs` has been
  changed. The localisation guide was also updated to reflect this.
- Support for the $LANG environment variable.
- Aura will now pause before post-build installation if the package database
  lock exists. This means you can run multiple instances of Aura and avoid
- Serbian translation added. Thank you, Filip Brcic!
- Fixed bug that was breaking `aura -Ss`.
- Changed `--save` and `--restore` to `-B` and `-Br`.
  `--save` is now just an alias for `-B`, but `--restore`
  must be used with `-B`.
- New option `-Bc` for removing old unneeded package states.
- `-Br` output is now sorted better and makes more sense.
- Bash Parser can now properly parse `if` blocks, meaning packages
  that have conditional dependencies based on architecutre will now
  build properly.
- API Change: `Aura.General` is now `Aura.Core`
- Dep Change: `haskell-url` no longer needed.
- Added message to `--save`.
- Bash parser completely rewritten.
- Bug fixes (thanks to the new parser)
- New option `--devel`. Rebuilds all devel packages installed.
- Italian translation added! Thank you Bob Valantin!
- Support for `powerpill` added. It will be used if installed, unless
  the PACMAN variable is specifically set to something different.
- Aura can now handle PKGBUILDs that produce multiple .pkg.tar files.
- Bug fixes
- New `--save` and `--restore` options.
- New option `-Ak` for showing PKGBUILD diffs when upgrading.
- New option `--aurignore` for ignoring AUR packages.
- Aura now reads `color.conf`.
- Massive breaking API changes everywhere.
- Aura now runs on the Aura Monad.
- Code is quite cleaner now.
- Bash completions added.
- zsh completions added.
- Changed `--conf` to `--viewconf`
- Fixed bug involving "symlink" Haskell error.
- Moved certain general functions to `Aura.Utils`
- Moved `-L`, `-O`, `-A` functions out of `aura.hs`.
- `--hotedit` functionality altered (fix).
- The license message is now more badass.
- New libraries: Aura.Time, Aura.State
- Moved `-C` functionality to `Aura.C`
- New secret option you don't get to find out about until 1.1
- Fixed manually alignment stupidity with `-Li`.
- Bug fixes
- New libraries: ColourDiff, Data.Algorithm.Diff, Aura.Pkgbuilds
- Aura.AuraLib split into Aura.General, Aura.Build, Aura.Dependencies
- New secret option you don't get to find out about until 1.1
- Fixed bug where packages with `+` in their name couldn't be
  searched or built.
- `-As` now allows multi-word searches, as it always should have.
- `pacman-color` integration is more complete.
  Still does not read the color.conf directly.
- Added French translation. Thanks to Ma Jiehong!
- Added Russian translation. Thanks to Kyrylo Silin!
- Fixed bug where packages with dots in their name wouldn't build.
- Moved haskell dependencies out of `makedepends` field and into
  `depends` field in PKGBUILD. Makedepends can usually be ignored
  after building, but haskell packages are a pain to rebuild
  and reregister at every build. It's more realistic to just keep
  them installed. This is what other haskell packages in the AUR
  do as well.
- Fixed pacman-color issues.
- Added `--auradebug` option.
- Compatibility with AUR 2.0 added.
- Portuguese translation added. Thanks to Henry "Ingvij" Kupty!
- Support for `pacman-color` added. Run sudo with `-E` a la:
    sudo -E aura -Ayu
- Fixed backslash parsing bug in `Bash`.
- Fixed parsing bug in `Bash`.
  If one package fell victim, a whole `-Au` session would fail.
- Added License info to source files.
- Fixed virtual package recognition bug.
- Altered version conflict error message.
- Fixed bug in Bash parser that would occasionally break parsing.
- Bug fixes.
- Extended the Bash parser. PKGBUILDs that had bash variables in their
  dependency arrays will now be parsed correctly.
- German translation (use with --german).
  Thanks to Lukas Niederbremer!
- Spanish translation (use with --spanish)
  Thanks to Alejandro Gómez!
- Replaced regex-posix with regex-pcre.
- `-As` now highlights properly.
- Moved a number of modules to `Aura/`
- Fixed `-V` message in terminals other than urxvt.
- New `haskell-ansi-terminal` library to do this.
- Internet access moved to Network.Curl library.
- `Bash.hs` library created to help with PKGBUILD parsing.
  Can currently handle string expansions a la:
    "this-is-{awesome,neat}" => ["this-is-awesome","this-is-neat"]
- Dependency determining speed up.
- Added AUR URL to `-Ai`.
- Swedish translation.
  Thanks to Fredrik Haikarainen!
- `-Ai` and `-As`!
- `-Au` is about 20 times faster.

- Polish translation.
  Thanks to Chris "Kwpolska" Warrick!
- Croatian translation.
  Thanks to Denis Kasak!
- New `-O` operation for dealing with orphan packages.
- A man page!
- Help message now supports multiple languages.
- Broke "no overlapping options" convention. 
`-Cz` is now `-Cb`.
- New option `-Ad`. Lists _all_ dependencies of an AUR package.
  This is to aid pre-building research.
  This option shows information you can't get from looking at PKGBUILDS!
- New option `--conf`. Lets you quickly view your pacman.conf.
- `--log` is now `-L`.
- New option `-Ls`. Search the log file via a regex.
- New option `-Li`. Reports information on a given package that has had
  any appearance in the log file.
- `--hotedit` option added.
- `Shell` library added.
- Aura passes proper exit codes to the shell upon completion.