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While waiting for issue #1 to be fixed so I can actually try it out, I looked at the berryCam.py code.

I notice that you are using defaults for the timeout and preview. This means that the stock raspistill waits 5 seconds before returning with a picture, and in the meantime it is displaying a preview on the HDMI screen attached ot the Raspberry Pi. (Or so I believe, I am running headless.)

If you add the flags:
-t 500 -n then it should return in half a second (which gives it enough time to make a few pictures for exposure time adjustment) and spend any resources on displaying the preview.

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  1. dmpalmer reporter

    I have a similar project that serves the camera to a web page https://github.com/dmopalmer/picamserver which is useful for playing around with the command line arguments. (Including some that you didn't implement.)

    Changing the -t timeout shows that if it's too short then the autoexposure doesn't converge. I don't understand how ROI and height,width interact, but being able to just change the numbers at the keyboard is useful.

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