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Issue #5 new

Things are going to go wrong after 9999 minutes (6 days, 22hrs 39 mins)

Dougie Lawson
created an issue

Currently you're stuck to 9999 minutes of runtime before you have to intervene.

I've already added some code to take a kill -usr1 pid or a kill -usr2 pid and do an action based on either of those signals. I haven't, yet, added that to my /etc/init.d script.

Currently, I simply build a new folder, reset the counter to 0001_hhmm.jpg and keep running.

My next plan is kill -usr1 puts the timelapse into long wait pause and kill -usr2 resumes it. That way with a bit of magic to decide when it's dawn or dusk and I can avoid all of the dark and un-interesting images.

I'll probably code it so that the new folder and rest to 0001_hhmm.jpg is automated. The bit of magic to determine when to wake and when to sleep is the hard part.

I'm writing images to a NAS NFS share so I've got a terrabyte available.

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