Worst readme ever, deal with it....for now. Eventaully this readme will walk through setting up logstash to log multiple users apex logs from salesforce so you don't miss a drop. ![Screen Shot](http://i.imgur.com/PHZCHjE.png) ![Screen Shot](http://i.imgur.com/IjSpVYS.png) ![Screen Shot](http://i.imgur.com/oFKQRyj.png) # Setup sudo apt-get install ant wget https://na15.salesforce.com/dwnld/SfdcAnt/salesforce_ant_29.0.zip unzip salesforce_ant_29.0.zip sudo mv ant-salesforce.jar /usr/share/ant/lib/ edit config.json set salesforce username/password (append token to password) edit salesforce/salesforce.properties set salesforce username/password (append token to password) # Deploying to Salesforce cd salesforce ant deploy -buildfile build.xml -propertyfile salesforce.properties # Starting REST API install node.js (nodejs.org) node web.js # Logstash & ElasticSearch # Redis sudo apt-get install redis-server