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AndreXen Sync

Contact: Radu Vulpescu

Bitbucket repository:
* Purpose of application

The proposed application represents a bridge between Aastra phones, 
Google's Contacts directory and Google Calendar.
The application provides an easy way to:
 - browse one's contacts and dial the stored phone numbers
 - browse upcoming calendar events
Note: information is presented in read-only mode.

* Supported Phones

The application interface is adapted to any of the SIP phones with, 
or without softKeys (6730i, 6731i, 6739i, 6753i, 6755i, 6757i, 9143i, 9480i).
If the device does not support softKeys then extra menu options are presented 
to the users.
To comply with the maximum number of devices, the application only makes use 
of these xml objects:
AastraIPPhoneTextMenu, AastraIPPhoneTextScreen, AastraIPPhoneInputScreen and

* Supported Languages

At this moment English is the only language supported. The French translation 
is in progress.

* License

Released under Free BSD license, see License.txt


* Requirements

PHP 5.2+, MySQL Server

Pear Modules:
	- OAuth  (
The rest of the vendor libraries are bundled
	- FirePHP
	- LightOpenID
	- Aastra PHP lib
	- JQuery 1.4.2
		- JQuery.json
		- JQuery.validate
	- JQuery-ui-1.8.4	

* Install 
To install do a pull from the repository and configure database amd common.php 

"hg clone"

See bitbucket documentation at
And/or Mercurial documentation at

* Configuration

Database MySql schema is provided 
in mysql workbench format ( 

Apply database schema and see.

Configure it for your system and rename it top "common.php"

Project tree

/*.php							#Application entry points
	/index.php					#Web interface
	/service.php				#Web interface jsonRpc services
	/service-validation.php		#JQuery validate helper services
	/xml.php					#Phone interface
	/common.sample.php 			#Configure it for your system
	/db-schema.mwb				#MySql workbench schema
/lib							#Models for the system objects
	/app						#XML application related classes
	/database					#Database connectors
	/vendor						#3rd party libraries  
/locale							#Future translations

/services						#Phone, and web interface services
	/aastra						#Aastra phone interface services
			/appmenu			#Application chooser for the phone
				/locale			#Future translations
			/google_calendar	#Phone's Google Calendar interface
				/locale			#Future translations
			/google_contacts	#Phone's Google Contacts interface
				/locale			#Future translations
	/google						#Web interface google helpers
	/phones						#General phone helpers
	/registration				#Registration and account helpers
/templates						#PhpTal templates for the web interface
	/pages						#Individual information pages
/www							#Web interface php logic
	/css						#CSS resources
	/js							#Custom js modules
		/lib					#3rd party libraries