codecamp / CodeCamp / CodeCampConfig / ConfigurationItems.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<!-- Create groups for settings as you wish
 There are three base types (add more to the .tt if you need them):
      string, int, string[]
 (The default seperator for string arrays is ';')
 Strongly typed configuration classes will be created for whatever you 
        specify. Give them actual values in the config files. -->
  <Group name="Site">
    <Property name="DefaultEvent" type="string"/>
    <Property name="CodeCampConnectionString" type="connectionstring"
      summary="The Connection string for the Code Camp SQL Database."/>
    <Property name="CopyrightHolder" type="string"/>
  <Group name="Event">
    <Property name="CurrentEventName" type="string"
              summary="The name of the current Event"/>
  <Group name="Examples">
    <Property name="ExampleEventString" type="string"/>
    <Property name="ExampleEventInt" type="int"/>
    <Property name="ExampleEventArray" type="string[]" seperator="/" />
    <Property name="ExampleEventArrayDefaultSep" type="string[]" />