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Channel Wizard increases the number of available channels in a radio-control system. This is done by modifying the PPM stream before the radio module sends it over the air. The device isn't limited to a particular radio brand. See the closer introduction to adding channels.

Channel Wizard can also solve a number of tasks in the aircraft or be a part of a DIY Tx project. The circuit is very configurable with the help of a computer and serial cable.


Video example with FrSky hack module:

Video example with Futaba 9C trainer plug and DragonLink:

Table of Contents

Installing in transmitter
External Switches
Transmitter setup
Onboard aircraft
How to order


Channel Wizard can be connected to the transmitter to add PPM channels, to the receiver in the aircraft to decode servo channels from PPM or connected on both sides to inject and extract more channels than the radio link supports natively. The transmitter and receiver Wizards use the same circuit but are loaded with different software, called "mux" and "demux". Notable modes of usage:

  • Add channels to utilize the full 12ch of Scherrer LRS and DragonLink.
  • Connect to the PPM-out from a Rx to recover the 12ch even from a 8ch Rx.
  • Add channels to any PPM-aware radio link by injecting (multiplexing) sub-channels into an existing channel.
  • Connect analog pots and switches in your DIY project to a radio link.
  • "PPM Decoder" - Decode a PPM stream into PWM channels.

Mux Wizard

At the transmitter side, the following can be set up without a computer:

  • Analog inputs; individual reversing and voltage ranges
  • Number of channels to add
  • Number of channels to multiplex

If PPM-in is connected, the mux Wizard uses the ports A-H as analog inputs and adds them as additional channels.
If PPM-in isn't connected, the ports A-H are used as analog inputs and sent as a PPM stream at PPM-out.

See Mux for details.

Demux Wizard

In the aircraft, the following can be set up without a computer:

  • PPM decoding or demultiplexing
  • Which channel to demultiplex
  • Trim and endpoints for each channel

If using PWM, the IN port is assumed to be a muxed channel and the Wizard outputs the sub-channels to the same ports A-H as the mux encoded them from.
If using PPM, the dial position is used as the channel number to demux from.

See Demux for details.

Custom mode

When configured via a serial connection, the Wizard can be set up to many other functions. This overrides the default behavior. Uses include:

  • Connect a head-tracker to otherwise incompatible radios.
  • Connect a head-tracker and a second transmitter at the same time.
  • Modify the PPM stream between Tx and radio module to make certain transmitters compatible with Long Range Systems.
  • "PPM Encoder" - create a PPM stream from the servo channels of the Rx to feed to an autopilot or OSD.
  • Act as servo stretcher, inverter or mixer in the aircraft.
  • Connect two transmitters of different brands to use as buddy box?

Advanced topics

Serial communication
Command line
Configuration Examples
Firmware upgrading
Sound output
Analog output


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