Russell's The Principles of Mathematics

A PHP script to typeset Bertrand Russell’s The Principles of Mathematics in various formats.

The final product can be downloaded from http://people.umass.edu/klement/pom/.


  • PHP 7+
  • XeLaTeX (to create PDF versions)
  • Calibre (to create ebook and plain text versions)
  • Fonts used (though you can change these): OFL Sorts Mill Goudy, FreeSerif, Linux Libertine,XITS


The master document is pom.php, which contains the book's texts along with functions which do different things for different formats for italics, mathematics, figures, chapter and sections, links, and so on.

By default the command:

php pom.php

will output HTML.

php pom.php latex or php pom.php latex portrait

Will output LaTeX source (to be processed with XeLaTeX).

The ePub version is created by running Calibre's ebook-convert.

You can make all versions by running the script make-all.php.


Russell's book in in the Public Domain. This layout is released with a Creative Commons ShareAlike-Attribution 4.0 license. This code GPLv3 Kevin C. Klement klement@umass.edu