Arno Hautala  committed 3e42978

added default archive flag to enable unarchiving as desired

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File googlevoice/

                 self['displayStartDateTime'], '%m/%d/%y %I:%M %p')
         self['displayStartTime'] = self['displayStartDateTime'].time()
-    def archive(self):
+    def archive(self, archive=1):
         Archive this message by removing it from the Inbox.
+        Use ``message.archive(0)`` to move it back to Inbox.
         self.folder.voice.__messages_post('archive',, archive=archive)

File googlevoice/

         return self.__get_xml_page('search', data='?q=%s' % quote(query))()
-    def archive(self, msg):
+    def archive(self, msg, archive=1):
         Archive the specified message by removing it from the Inbox.
         if isinstance(msg, Message):
             msg =
         assert is_sha1(msg), 'Message id not a SHA1 hash'
-        self.__messages_post('archive', msg, archive=1)
+        self.__messages_post('archive', msg, archive=archive)
     def download(self, msg, adir=None, filename=None):