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Added binding for edfclose_file.

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File edflib/_edflib.pyx

     doesn't currently check that buf can hold all the data
     return edfread_digital_samples(handle, edfsignal, n,<int*>
 cpdef int blockwrite_digital_samples(int handle, np.ndarray[np.int16_t,ndim=1] buf):
     return edf_blockwrite_digital_samples(handle, <int*>
                                 np.ndarray[np.float64_t] buf):
     return edfread_physical_samples(handle, edfsignal, n, <double *>
+def close_file(handle):
+    return edfclose_file(handle)
 # so you can use the same name if defining a python only function
 def set_physical_maximum(handle, edfsignal, phys_max):
     return edf_set_physical_maximum(handle, edfsignal, phys_max)