transcode-tcforge / AUTHORS

Original Author of transcode (core):
	Thomas Oestreich <>

Current and Previous Maintainers of transcode (core):
	Tilmann Bitterberg <>
	Erik Slagter <>
	Jacob Meuser <>
        Francesco Romani <fromani at gmail dot com> (current)
        Andrew Church <achurch at achurch dot org> (current)

Contributors: (also see ChangeLog)
	Tilmann Bitterberg <>
		o lots of filters
		o import_nvrec.c
		o manpages
		o inverse cropping
		o tons of bug fixes

	Marek Blaszkowski <>
		o import_yuv.c

	Gregory Brauer <>
		o import_im.c

	Moritz Bunkus <>
		o export_ffmpeg.c
		o import_ffmpeg.c
		o import_mplayer.c

	Dominique Caron <>

	Ben Collins <>
		o export_mjpeg.c

	Arne Driescher <>
		o subrip

	German Gomez Garcia <>
		o AC3 downmixing patch for -s
		o import_lav.c

	Carsten Geckeler <>
		o gamma correction routine
		o fast resizing integer arithmetic

	Dirk Gouders <>
		o manpages

	Juergen Hennerich <>
		o long options
		o fast resizing updates

	Chris C. Hoover <>
		o avisplit extensions
		o import_v4l.c ~/.xawtv parser

	Vladimir Kushnir <>
		o FreeBSD port

	Christoph Lampert <>
		o initial two-pass encoding for MPEG-4
		o export_divx.c
		o export_xvid.c

	Georg Ludwig <>
		o export_mp2enc.c

	Jason Lunz <>
		o --nav_seek patch
		o NTSC DVD donations

	Marzio Malanchini <>
		o import_xml.c

	Volker Moell <>
		o spec file

	Gerhard Monzel <>
		o bbmpeg port to linux/transcode
		o encoder parameter settings with avifile
		o export_mpeg.c
		o export_mpeg2enc.c

	Guillaume Morin <>
		o Altivec support
		o PPC patches

	Andreas Neukoetter <>
		o export_toolame.c

	Chad Page <>
		o see filter plug-ins

	Andreas Pahlsson <>
		o import_nuv.c

	Jan Panteltje <>
		o subtitler

        Eduardo Perez <>
                o ISO8601 date compliance

	Joerg Sauer <>
		o liba52 fixes

	Nikita Schmidt <>
		o Linux/Alpha port

	Steven M. Schultz <sms@2BSD.COM>
		o BSD port

	Michel Alexandre Salim <>
		o spec file updates

	Vaclav Slavik <>
		o progress meter patch for option "-c"
		o high-quality frame resizing, i.e., zooming
		o audio downsampling patch

	Andrew Stevens <>
		o mjpeg-tools API patch

	Nicolas Vignal <>
		o patch for spaces in filenames

	Christian Vogelgsang <>
		o import_nuv.c updates
		o quicktime4linux support

	Charles Wilson <>
		o configure fixes

	Many, Many more, see ChangeLog

o For filter plug-ins author information see:

o antialias algorithm adapted from the Anti-Aliasing plug-in for the GIMP v1.2.
  Kevin Turner <>

o Port of the original code of Ray Gardener, Daylon Graphics Ltd,
  from Graphics Gems III, adapted and optimized for use in transcode.

o lame
  Originally developed by Mike Cheng (  Now
  maintained by Mark Taylor (

o avilib
  Original source code
  Copyright (C) 1999 Rainer Johanni <>

o export_qt.c (obsolete)
  Copyright (C) 2001 (Module Author)

o liba52
  Aaron Holtzman <> started the project and
  made the initial working implementation.
  Michel Lespinasse <> did major changes for speed and
  conformance and is the current maintainer.

o libmpeg2/libvo
  Aaron Holtzman <> started the project and
  made the initial working implementation.
  Michel Lespinasse <> did large changes for speed and
  mpeg conformance and is the current maintainer.

o encore2

o dvdread
  Copyright (C) 2000, 2001 by:
  Bjorn Englund <>,
  Hakan Hjort <>,
  Billy Biggs <>

o extsub
  A subtitle extractor for VOB files Version 1.00
  by Sham Gardner (