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transcode-tcforge / ChangeLog

[+] feature added
[!] bugfix of an existing feature
[*] change/improvement (not bugfix) of an existing feature
[-] feature dropped

[+] Brand new export layer with new-style, separate encoders and muxers.
[+] New encoders: theora, vorbis, faac, x264.
[+] New multiplexors: ogg, libavformat, yuv4mpeg2.
[+] New filter: barrel.
[+] ShoutCast support using ogg multiplexor.
[!] Fix crash when using transformations (-Z, -j).
[!] Fix compilation error with x264 version 78.
[*] Improved internal buffering system.
[*] Added basic A/V synchronization module.
[!] Fix misuse of configuration files which leads to crash.
[*] Allow to handle fallback directories for configuration files.
[*] Improved debug messages handling and internal debug API.
[-] The import_imlist is deprecated. Use --multi_input -x im instead.
[*] Big YAIT update by Allan Snider.
[!] Make the -W option work again like 1.0.x branch.
[*] Switch from ImageMagick to GraphicsMagick.
[*] Allow to build without FFmpeg.
[!] Remove outdated libav* information from the FAQ.
[+] Added support for CubicKeys4 and Sinc8 zoom algorithms.
[+] Added module registry to automatically select a module from format
[+] Added `tccfgshow' to inspect the transcode internal capabilities.
[-] Removed the unmantained PVM code.
[+] Added a special-crafted import module targeting webcams using libv4l.
[*] Update the video stabilization plugins to version 0.61.
[*] Added the -X option to tcdecode (let the user specify the acceleration)
[+] Enable versioned, parallel installation.