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transcode-tcforge / docs / RELNOTES-0.6.13

=== Highlights of the 0.6.13 release ===


 * Better dvd support using mpeg export profiles;
   use --export_prof dvd-pal or dvd-ntsc for encoding using mpeg2enc/mp2enc or
   --export_prof dvd-pal or dvd-ntsc -y ffmpeg for encoding using
   libavcodec/ffmpeg (fast!);

 * Experimental support for import_bktr and import_sunau on NetBSD
   and OpenBSD;

 * A new option to export_dvraw "static_qno" to supply this value
   to libdv (this seems to help to make encoding a lot faster);

 * Check external programs' existence before starting them. This gives
   much more informative error messages;

 * Transcode now uses an optimised (asm, mmx, sse, sse2) version of memcpy
   when possible. This gives 10% - 20% speed increase;

 * New video deinterlacing filter: filter_tomsmocomp;

 * New import module ffbin that uses the "ffmpeg" executable to decode
   video or audio, much like the "mplayer" import module;

 * New audio export module "mp2" that's capable to change runtime, useful
   for converting 29.97 fps movies back and forth to 25 fps.
   See doc/export_mp2.txt;

 * Default settings for ffmpeg export are now for optimised for maximum
   speed which should make real time encoding possible on many computers;

 * New filter filter_levels to scale e.g. ITU-R601 luma values to
   the full range and vv. See Changelog for details;

 * aviindex can now convert mplayer-generated index files to
   transcode index files and the other way round. See the manpage of
   aviindex for usage examples;

 * Support for using ffmpeg/libavcodec multithreaded encoding via the
   "threads" entry in ffmpeg.cfg.


 * Use pkgconfig system (/usr/lib/pkgconfig) file for configuring
   transcode whenever possible;

 * Modules with external dependencies are not build by default anymore.
   Enable these explicitely. Have a close look at the output of
   configure --help. This was done to prevent the usual suprises when
   running transcode and some of the modules weren't build because their
   dependencies weren't met during compile time. Now if you enable a module,
   it's dependencies must be met or you will get an error;

 * Removed default compiler optimisation flags which were GCC-specific.
   The user needs to supply these him/herself.

Source code cleanup

 * A lot of autoconf/automake cleanup;

 * FFmpeg is no longer supplied with transcode because it is very important
   to always have a recent version of FFmpeg. So now download ffmpeg from
   cvs (always from cvs!), configure it to make shared libraries, install it,
   and then compile transcode. Transcode cannot be compiled without FFmpeg.
   There is a configure option to build transcode linked to ffmpeg statically,
   but that's experimental. I will probably only work on linux;

 * Internal frame handling is now done in the YUV colourspace (more
   exactly: YUV420P or YV12) by default. This is much more suitable
   for almost all video encoders and decoders, so it's faster and more
   accurate because often two conversion steps can be skipped. In some
   cases the old-style RGB handling is necessary, use either -1 or --use_rgb
   to revert to the old behaviour;

 * Removed all autogenerated files from CVS.


 * A lot of bugs fixed;

 * Lots of compile-time warnings fixed;

 * Replaced the stone-age implementation of the resample filter (which also
   tends make transcode dump core) by similar functionality from
   libavcodec (ffmpeg);

 * The supplied mp3lame lib was also stone-aged so it has been removed.
   Use an external version instead.


Read INSTALL throughly or you won't be able to install transcode!