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transcode - a video stream processing utility

transcode is a text-console utility for video stream processing,
running on a platform that supports shared libraries and threads.
Decoding and encoding is done by loading modules that are responsible 
for feeding transcode with raw video/audio streams (import modules) 
and encoding the frames (export modules). It supports elementary video 
and audio frame transformations, including de-interlacing
or fast resizing of video frames and loading of external filters.

A number of modules are included to enable import of DVDs on-the-fly, 
MPEG elementary (ES) or program streams (VOB), MPEG video, Digital Video (DV), 
YUV4MPEG streams, NuppelVideo file format and raw or compressed 
(pass-through) video frames and export modules for writing DivX;-), 
DivX 4.02/5.xx, XviD, Digital Video, MPEG-1/2 or uncompressed 
AVI files with MPEG, AC3 (pass-through) or PCM audio. 
More file formats and codecs for audio/video import are supported by the 
avifile library import module, the export with avifile is restricted to 
video codecs only, with MPEG/PCM or AC3 (pass-through) audio provided by 
transcode. Limited Quicktime export support and DVD subtitle rendering is 
also avaliable.

It's modular concept is intended to provide flexibility and easy user 
extensibility to include other video/audio codecs or file types. 
A set of tools is available to extract, demultiplex and decode 
the sources into raw video/audio streams for import, non AVI-file export
modules for writing single frames (PPM) or YUV4MPEG streams, 
auto-probing and scanning your sources and to enable post-processing of 
AVI files, including header fixing, merging multiple files or splitting 
large AVI files to fit on a CD.

Written by Thomas Oestreich (
See the Authors file for contributions from the community.
See the file COPYING for license details.

./transcode -h | more

prints a list of available options. Check out 
for more details.

use ^C for safely stopping the encoder. 

now read the INSTALL file!!!
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