Robert Brewer avatar Robert Brewer committed d0386bf

Backport of [2096] to 3.1.x. Fixes #891 (substituted formatwarning is old, signature in python2.6 is changed).

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                 warnings.formatwarning = oldformatwarning
-    def formatwarning(self, message, category, filename, lineno):
+    def formatwarning(self, message, category, filename, lineno, line=None):
         """Function to format a warning."""
         return "CherryPy Checker:\n%s\n\n" % message


         t = threading.Thread(target=self.expire_cache, name='expire_cache')
         self.expiration_thread = t
-        t.setDaemon(True)
+        if hasattr(threading.Thread, "daemon"):
+            # Python 2.6+
+            t.daemon = True
+        else:
+            t.setDaemon(True)
     def clear(self):


         # See
         self.log("Waiting for child threads to terminate...")
         for t in threading.enumerate():
-            if (t != threading.currentThread() and t.isAlive()
+            if t != threading.currentThread() and t.isAlive():
                 # Note that any dummy (external) threads are always daemonic.
-                and not t.isDaemon()):
-                t.join()
+                if hasattr(threading.Thread, "daemon"):
+                    # Python 2.6+
+                    d = t.daemon
+                else:
+                    d = t.isDaemon()
+                if not d:
+                    t.join()
         if self.execv:
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