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Fix for #491. Added underscore_names for a few Request object attributes.

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         remoteHost should be string of the client's IP address.
         scheme should be a string, either "http" or "https".
+        self.remote_addr  = remoteAddr
+        self.remote_port  = remotePort
+        self.remote_host  = remoteHost
+        # backward compatibility
         self.remoteAddr = remoteAddr
         self.remotePort = remotePort
         self.remoteHost = remoteHost
         self.scheme = scheme
         self.execute_main = True
         self.closed = False


         hMap['content-length'] = 18
         hMap['server'] = 'CherryPy headertest'
         hMap['location'] = ('%s://'
-                            % (cherrypy.request.remotePort,
+                            % (cherrypy.request.remote_port,
         # Set a rare header for fun
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