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I have a few DSD files that I would like to convert to pcm. There is a modified version of sox that can handle dff and dsf files, I would prefer to use your resampler ( it sounds great). I am planning on converting them offline. What conversion process are you using for DSD?

Thanks again for the great software

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  1. frank_l repo owner

    I have never used any DSD file. If I had one I would use the modified version of sox you mentioned to translate to a high res PCM format and forget about the DSD file afterwards.

  2. mike

    In case anyone is interested. Here is what I ended up using for DSD64 to wav conversion. I use 4 lowpass filters at the end, I think with DSD128 or DSD256 it would not be needed. I tried a sox_dsd version my mansr and also a FIR filter but thought this sounded the best and looked ok when plotted.

    ffmpeg -i "./dsdfile" -vn -f f64le -acodec pcm_f64le -sample_fmt dbl pipe: \ | resample_soxr --inrate=352800 --outrate=192000 --band-width=99.0 --phase=45 \ | sox -q -D -t raw -e floating-point -c 2 -b 64 --endian little -r 192000 - -t wav -e signed-integer -c 2 -b 24 --endian little ./out.wav \ dither -p 20 lowpass 30k lowpass 30k lowpass 30k lowpass 30k


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