playhrt with 4 channel dac

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Hi Frank, I am using playhrt with a 4 channel dac. plughw plays 2 channel correctly but I prefer direct harware access using hw: and --number-channels=4. To do this I pipe sox remix -m 1 2 0 0 to playhrt. Is there a better way to do this?

I am also using headphones and playing with brutefir and crossfeed filters. Does RACE bring anything to headphone use?

Also, here is my latest attempt at dsd to pcm conversion if anyone is interested: sox -q -D -R -t dsf - -t ${RAW64F} - sinc -a 180 -L -25k -t 8000 | resample_soxr

Thanks again, Mike

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  1. frank_l repo owner

    Sorry for the delay of my answer.

    Your ‘sox remix' call looks ok to me, it just copies input channels 1 and 2 to the first two of your 4 output channels.

    RACE really addresses a principal deficiency of loudspeaker playback that does not occur with headphones. Of course, nobody forbids to test the effect with headphones. Use it if you like it.

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