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Pluggable app to manage petitions in a Django project.

This app lets you easily create petitions that can be subscribed by users visiting your site.

Moderation and comment features are supported, as well as templates customization and captcha (using the external tool django-simple-captcha hosted by


This app requires Python >= 2.5 and Django >= 1.0.

The Mercurial repository of the application can be cloned with this command:

hg clone

The petitions package, included in the distribution, should be placed on the PYTHONPATH.

To enable captcha support, you just have to pip install django-simple-captcha.


Add 'petitions' to your settings.INSTALLED_APPS.

Add the app urls to your, e.g.:

(r'^petitions/', include('petitions.urls')),

Sync your database adding petitions tables:

./ syncdb

Done! Go to the admin site and create your own petitions.