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This is a wiki page for DirMirror by The Open Source U (tOSU). This program was created for my specific purpose. This page outlines what the program does so that you can determine if the application might be beneficial for your usage.

What does it do?


The program is to provide services similar to:

  • Allway Sync;
  • DirSync Pro;
  • ViceVersa Software

I'd describe it as a file monitoring and immediate synchronizing program. The function and features of the aforementioned programs are not implemented 1:1. I've implemented what I needed to accomplish my day-to-day work. If I need a feature, I'll implement it. If you need a feature, implement it and kick back a changeset bundle to me and I'll merge it in to this public repo.


You select two folders. One is the source folder - "src" and the other is the destination - "dest". Once set, click 'run'. Then program then specifically monitors the src folder and upon any change the file is immediately copied to the dest folder.

You have the option to apply filters via RegEx. The items matching anything in the filters list will not be copied.

State Of the Program

The program is usable but I'd not classify it as done. It provides the primary functions expected. It monitors the src folder and copies changed files to the dest folder. It will respect the filtered items. That said, the program may not function as expected at all times. It may throw exceptions which are not handled or it may do something completely unexpected.

As I use the program, I will be making changes, enhancements, bug corrections and such as needed.

If you find a problem and don't want to fix it, please report. Use the issues here on BitBucket.

I keep my planned features in the issues list here on BitBucket. If you have an idea or need for an enhancement feel free to create an entry.

Open Enhancement Issues


Screen shots

Dir Mirror Alpha; Showing RegEx Filters

Dir Mirror; Running. Showning Message log