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//Bring in any auto generated config files
# include "config.h"

#include "OISPrereqs.h"

//! Max number of elements to collect from buffered input

namespace OIS
	class LinuxInputManager;
	class LinuxKeyboard;
	class LinuxJoyStick;
	class LinuxMouse;
	class LinuxForceFeedback;

	class Range
		Range() {};
		Range(int _min, int _max) : min(_min), max(_max) {};
		int min, max;

	class JoyStickInfo
		JoyStickInfo(): devId(-1),joyFileD(-1),version(0),axes(0),buttons(0),hats(0) {}
		//! Device number (/dev/input/j#) or /dev/input/event#
		int devId;
		//! File descriptor
		int joyFileD;
		//! Driver version
		int version;
		//! Joy vendor
		std::string vendor;
		//! Number of axes
		unsigned char axes;
		//! Number of buttons
		unsigned char buttons;
		//! Number of hats
		unsigned char hats;
		//! Maps Linux button values to OIS buttons values
		std::map<int, int> button_map;
		//! Maps Linux axis values to OIS axis
		std::map<int, int> axis_map;
		//! Maps OIS axis values to it's range
		std::map<int, Range> axis_range;

	typedef std::vector< JoyStickInfo > JoyStickInfoList;