A Tumblr Android Proof of Concept Application. WARNING: Its alpha, I am not responsible for it breaking your android device.


Unit and Instrumented testing is using the robotium/android-mock combination with a mix of roboguice.

Functional Testing via Chimpchat(monkeyrunner replacement). And we use cucumber-jvm.

The idea here is not to get to far away from using java to test as when you introduce another langue yu get more opportunties for things to break as you than have to keep up two computer langus and their environments, etc.

Project Structure

project/ bin/ gen/ src/ assets/ teslib/ for our cucumber testing res/ ressrc/ res digital files inputed to res, they get stored here as a way to have a copy incase extra mdofications needed and because we can do an albumshaper catalogue

Project Dependencies

Android sdk jars ofcoures, the compatibility library, and these projects:

AmblrTest Instrumented testing AmblrCucumberTest Cucumber testing AmblrJavaMonkey Chimpchat(MonkeyRunner Replacement) Java Monkey testing using Sikuli