Project Name

AndCalculon, a continuation or fork of the Calculon project at github.

Project Lead

Fred Grott, a mobile and java developer, is the Project Lead. He has been involved in mobile before contributing to such things as a UI Library called SynclastUI(a xml-ized UI for MIDP devices) and an Apache ANT build library tool for MIDP java development called Antenna.

On the Java Enterprise side he has written technical articles for IBM DeveloperWorks and has co-authored articles on the Eclipse IDE. His linkedin profile can be found at:

Fred Grott's LinkedIN Profile

His Android Developer Blog can be found at:

Mobilebytes Android Dev Blog

His LAMP blog can be found at:


Project License

This project is licensed under Apache License 2 and the license text can be found at: Apache License 2.0

Project Credits

Credit goes to the original developer of Calculon:


Matthias Kappler

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