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Apache IVY has this nice feature to allow you set-up local and non-local repos thus we are using that to set up a local repo for android projects.
Can be used either with Ant, Maven, Gradle, or Buildr.

If you are new to Apache IVY just follow my build file and ivy fiel setup to setup your own local repo from jars you have downloaded.

Artifact Naming

I kept the original artifacts names so its in the pattern of:


Not all these are in any maven or ivy repo and thus I know that this group will always be loaded from a local repo.

I also use a flatfile style originization of the setup repo that the local repos icreated from.

Configurations Used

The Ivy confgiurations I use are:

app-project instrumented-test lib-project javamonkey

you can fork and change those configurations if you want.

Libraries Included

The following libraries are included:


Download and execute the ant task and that will create a local repo in your user home directory. The only difference in build script approaches is in Apache ANT your use the Apache IVY jar as your build boot up jar to load in rest of the ant lib tasks that are not in the android sdk while in something liek Gralde IVY support is included thus no need to bootstrap with an ivy jar.


Licensed under Apache 2.0 licence:

Apache 2.0 License

Project Feedback

You can give project feedback by emailing Fred Grott, the project lead:

Fred Grott's Dev Blog, email link right in front page


Fred Grott's own creation.

Recent activity

Fred Grott

Commits by Fred Grott were pushed to fredgrott/GWSAndroidProjectLibs

49ef512 - completed reorg to not use configuratiosn as android project types..thus fewer configs but the result is a lot less build script logic per android project ...
Fred Grott

Commits by Fred Grott were pushed to fredgrott/GWSAndroidProjectLibs

412d958 - added codeqa and docletassets they are in project builds special dependencies that get edited so in a project build they are not gitignore flagged like ...
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