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'LucidBot' is a comprehensive irc-bot for use in the online game Utopia. It is written completely in Java but is extensible in other languages that run on the JVM. For data storage, the bot uses MySQL or H2, where the latter is a pure Java embedded database. The bot is licensed under New BSD License, and the source code is available here at bitbucket. Using Java means the bot can be transferred between different platforms easily.

The bot currently supports over 190 commands, and also tracks input pasted from the game, such as different spells/ops and attacks. Furthermore, the bot is capable of receiving and storing intel from Utopia Angel's Forum Agent or uTools/Ultima. That intel can then be accessed in various ways with the different intel commands. This allows quick and easy retrieval in channel of, for example, all provinces offense, tpa, resources and the like. This intel is stored for both your own kingdom and any enemy kingdoms data that your gather, but is of course only accessible to you. All commands, and their usage, are explained in the bots help command !help

The bot is built to be flexible in that you don't have to change the source code and recompile it just to update the bot for a new age. Through the setup web GUI, you can change settings for the races and buildings in the game, and the bot will then use that info dynamically. An example is that it parses intel using troop names saved in the database that you can yourself change through the GUI. You can also add aliases for commands, which means you can have various ways of typing the same command. For example, the command !addorder might be given the alias !addo.

The bot is basically a learning project meant to teach me more about coding, so the whole point of releasing it to the public is so that I can get feedback and hopefully learn even more as people check it out and use it. Also, it's hard to find all the eventual bugs by yourself. Ideas for new features are of course also welcome, especially if you want to write them yourself ;). Bugs, suggestions and help requests can all be sent on IRC or via google groups (see link below). Find us on as 'Frylock' or 'LucidEssence' in the channel #lucidbot.


IRC Channel: UtoNet shutdown... new IRC TBD. Can submit tickets/requests here until then.


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