The Return Of The Man From UNCLE The Fifteen Years Later Affair Movie In Hindi Free Download

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The Return Of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.: The Fifteen Years Later Affair Movie In Hindi Free Download


The criminal organization THRUSH steals the A-bomb H957 and demands $350,000,000 to be delivered within 72 hours by their former antagonist Solo. So U.N.C.L.E. has to reactivate the super agents Solo and Kuryakin after they were 15 years out of business. Equipped in the usual 007 fashion they start to seek the villains.
When THRUSH steals a nuclear weapon and demands a ransom delivered by Napoleon Solo, UNCLE recalls him and his partner to duty.
This movie was clearly made for Television and the copy I got looked like it was a &quot;bootleg&quot; from China or something. The focus was terrible and the color saturation was gone totally. The company who released this particular DVD was New Star Video. Avoid getting a copy of this from this company, The quality is TERRIBLE.<br/><br/>As for the plot, it was weak and very unlikely. There is a scene at the end where there are 20-25 THRUSH agent lying dead in close proximity to each other and the remainder of the UNCLE contingent just jog on by with none of them even hurt. The believability of this film is low and although Robert Vaughn and David McCullum and Patrick McNee carry the film, it is still very weak and there are too many &quot;I&#39;m Sure, like their gonna do that!!&quot; moments to it. Perhaps I am seeing it through &quot;adult&quot; eyes after seeing the original series as a small kid (8-10). Kids will like this but adults will see through it totally and may not enjoy it as much as a pre-teen or teenager would. Worth a shot if there is nothing else to watch.<br/><br/>5 out of 10...
This is one re-union movie that had to be made. Fortunately it was made by a rabid fan of the original--a man named Michael Sloan who went on to produce &quot;The Equalizer&quot;. Sloan and director Ray Austin (who directed many later episodes of &quot;The Avengers&quot;) made sure they kept much of the tongue in cheek humour of the series, and made the movie a high quality venture, but up-dated it to then modern times (1983). A touching item was the stars made a point to notice they were getting to old for this kind of physical action, and that Illya points out &quot;progress&quot; is not necessarily a better thing. The supporting cast was first rate with Anthony Zerbe (what happened to him?), Geoffrey Lewis, Keenan Wynn, and especially Pat MacNee (former Avenger John Steed) as the new head of UNCLE...Its a shame a planned new series was not picked up by CBS.


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