Infinity / 100 km and plot deathlock

Issue #43 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

During multiple input of identical values e.g. 10 km (by day) and 10 litres some calculations fail. E.g. first calculates correcty 100 l/km but then next two results are "infinity l / 100 km. Plotting will death lock program then and you have to restart device.

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  1. Mihai Ibanescu

    To understand your case: you've created the first data entry with 100 km and 10 l, and the second entry with 100 km and 10 l?

    If so, you should have 200 km (the value of the car's odometer when you refill the second time, not the delta from the previous refill).

  2. Jan Kühle repo owner

    As Mihai said, when you enter the total mileage (odometer), it has to be higher than the mileage of the previous entry. If you wish to enter the trip distance, you can change the entry mode in the settings.

    I will however add a validation to the app, so that things like this should not happen anymore. An update will go online this evening most likely.

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