Random Movie GIF Maker

Using Random Movie GIF Maker

To use just the random GIF maker run:

$ python

Then enter the path to your movies / video files.

Using Random Movie GIF Maker Twitter Bot

To use the Twitter Box first:

$ cp config.cfg-dist config.cfg

Then fill in your API and OAUTH Keys into the config file from Twitter and Imgur.

Then run:

$ python

The bot will now tweet every hour.


My movie file structure is:

/root/Movie Name/Movie (1080p) [2013].mkv

If script is outputting the wrong Movie Title or errors on generating moviename I would look into how the movie name is generated.


The twitter bot is from Lindsey B's Starwars dot Gif I plan to make more modifications later to make it my own.

The script uses MoviePy to generate the GIFs so there are endless possbilities of GIFs that could be created.