Waldemar Kornewald avatar Waldemar Kornewald committed aa5f615

fixed cc support

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         """Create and return App Engine EmailMessage class from message."""
         gmsg = aeemail.EmailMessage(sender=message.from_email,
-                                    cc=message.cc,
         if message.extra_headers.get('Reply-To', None):
             gmsg.reply_to = message.extra_headers['Reply-To']
+        if message.cc:
+            gmsg.cc = list(message.cc)
         if message.bcc:
             gmsg.bcc = list(message.bcc)
         if message.attachments:
         from google.appengine.ext import deferred
         from django.conf import settings
         queue_name = getattr(settings, 'EMAIL_QUEUE_NAME', 'default')
-        deferred.defer(_send_deferred, 
-                       message, 
+        deferred.defer(_send_deferred,
+                       message,
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