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Unattended Ubuntu ISO


  • Automatic created unattended Ubuntu ISO
  • You can now add multiple configurations in your CONFIG folder
  • Only Ubuntu-server 12.04.3 64bit are supported


Go to Downloads --> Select your desired version to download

Install instructions

  • Download this script to any location on your ubuntu machine
  • Create a folder named "CONFIG" next to the script
  • Install the kickstart tool
sudo apt-get install system-config-kickstart
  • Run kickstart and create a ks.cfg files that you save in the CONFIG folder you just created.
  • Run the script and it will do the following:

- Download a clean ISO from Ubuntu (Currently only ubuntu server 12.04.3) - Generates a new ISO with the ks.cfg file installed.

Your new iso is now located in the same folder as your script



  • Supports only ubuntu 12.04.3 ubuntu server
  • Added support for multiple configurations. Insted of putting your ks.cfg file in the CONFIG folder. You can now add multiple folders in your CONFIG folder, and add the ks.cfg files at the root of each of the multiple folders. Before: /CONFIG/ks.cfg --> Now: /CONFIG/setup1/ks.cfg and /CONFIG/setup2/ks.cfg ++++