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Add more clear documentation about the automatic html-safe string features. closes #38.

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   * Django
   * Webob (Includes Pylons, Google App Engine, Turbogears)
-  * Werkzeug
+  * Werkzeug (Includes Flask, Tipfy)
   * any other cgi.FieldStorage-type multidict
 * **Templating Engines**
         Note: Simply coercing the field to a string or unicode will render it as
         if it was called with no arguments.
+    .. automethod:: __html__
+        Many template engines use the __html__ method when it exists on a
+        printed object to get an 'html-safe' string that will not be
+        auto-escaped. To allow for printing a bare field without calling it,
+        all WTForms fields implement this method as well.
     .. attribute:: name
 that widgets can easily be created to customize the rendering of existing
+**Note** All built-in widgets will return upon rendering a "HTML-safe" unicode
+string subclass that many templating frameworks (Jinja2, Mako, Genshi) will
+recognize as not needing to be auto-escaped.
 Built-in widgets