1. Francisco Suarez
  2. atlas-arm-manipulation



This repository contains some parts of the ROS packages developed by the Sarbot Team for the Virtual Robotics Challenge (VRC).



Go to your ROS working directory. eg.

cd ~/ros

Clone the atlas-arm-manipulation stack from bitbucket:

$ git clone https://bitbucket.org/fsuarez6/atlas-arm-manipulation.git

The atlas_arm_kinematics package depends on the arm_kinematics_tools package (wiki). Please install it from the svn repository:

$ svn checkout http://kaist-ros-pkg.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/arm_kinematics_tools
$ rosmake arm_kinematics_tools

After installing the arm_kinematics_tools package you should be able to build the atlas-arm-manipulation stack:

$ rosmake atlas-arm-manipulation

If you have missing dependencies please install them using the official repositories.

Software Versions

Gazebo 1.7.3 or above

DRCSim 2.5.2 or above

Sandia Hands 5.1.13 or above

OSRF Common 1.0.6 or above


Qualification - Task 2: Manipulate

Task Qual-2 (short for VRC Qualification Task Two) shall be to pick up a cordless drill from a table and place it in a bin next to the table.

Start the qual_task_2 world:

$ roslaunch atlas_utils qual_task_2.launch 

Launch the kinematic controller:

$ roslaunch atlas_control qual_task_2.launch