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If the file object was opened in detect_encoding, close it there too.

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 from io import StringIO, BytesIO, TextIOWrapper, BufferedReader
 # the default encoding to use when encoding cannot be detected
 default_encoding = 'utf-8'
 # }}}
 # function pofile() {{{
-def pofile(pofile, **kwargs):
+def pofile(po_object, wrapwidth=78, encoding=None,
+           check_for_duplicates=False, klass=None):
+    file_class = klass or POFile
+    if encoding is None:
+        encoding = detect_encoding(po_object)
+def _pofile(pofile, **kwargs):
     Convenience function that parses the po or pot file ``pofile`` and returns
     a :class:`~polib.POFile` instance.
     re_u = re.compile(u(PATTERN))
     re_b = re.compile(b(PATTERN))
+    close_file = False
     if isinstance(translation_file, str):  # Only unicode string
+        close_file = True
         if '\n' not in translation_file and os.path.exists(translation_file):
             # It's a file path, check if MO or PO and open
             if translation_file.endswith('.mo'):
     except LookupError:
         charset = default_encoding
-    translation_file.close()
+    # If the file object was opened here, close it
+    # If not, set the position back to the beginning of the file
+    if close_file:
+        translation_file.close()
+    else:
     return charset
 # }}}
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