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File system/drivers/DB_sqlite.php

 	function _fetch_object()
-		return sqlite_fetch_object($this->result_id);
+		if (function_exists('sqlite_fetch_object'))
+		{
+			return sqlite_fetch_object($this->result_id);
+		}
+		else
+		{
+			return $this->_fetch_assoc();
+		}

File user_guide/general/changelog.html

 <li>Updated the URI Protocol code to allow more options so that URLs will work more reliably in different environments.</li>
 <li>Updated the <dfn>form_open()</dfn> helper to allow the GET method to be used.</li>
 <li>Updated the MySQLi <dfn>execute()</dfn> function with some code to help prevent lost connection errors.</li>
+<li>Updated the SQLite Driver to check for object support before attmpting to return results as objects.  If unsupported it returns an array.</li>
 <li>Updated the Models loader function to allow multiple loads of the same model.</li>
 <li>Updated the MS SQL driver so that single quotes are escaped.</li>
 <li>Removed a strtolower() call that was changing URL segments to lower case.</li>